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Bond, James Bond

Still remember your very first introduction to the suave British's secret service agent, 007? I do.
It was Dr. No, the very first Bond film created based on the novel by Ian Fleming. James Bond movies are something that I could cherish as wonderful childhood memories. Back in those days, movies and tv shows had great impact in our lives, particularly to me and my older brother. We were so fascinated with movies, which I think we both still do. We literally growing up with the quotes, the actions, and the experience. I could still recalled it in my head, the first time I watch Sean Connery as James Bond and the beautiful Bond girl, Ursula Andress.  "Bond, James Bond" was one of our favourite play along Bond's quote. Every kid wants to be agent 007, so they carry along a toy gun, act like Bond, and speak up the famous line. 

Now Bond is 50 years, and in conjunction with the celebration, the 23rd installment of the franchise, SKYFALL is released. We are lucky to be among the earliest to catch the new Bond on November 1st, even earlier than US fans that still eagerly waiting for Bond to open in cinemas. As usual, my fiance and I went for the movie with our movie maniac group of colleagues. Everyone is excited as the opening sequence goes on, it was sOoo great! And the opening song? Haunting. Adele's Skyfall is so good it brings back the classic Bond memory. I just can't get enough of this song, it stuck in my head all day O_o

Skyfall is actually the name of Bond's childhood home. Picture from Rotten Tomatoes

This was actually the second time I saw Daniel Craig as Bond after Quantum of Solace. Can you believe it that I hadn't watch the highly praised Casino Royale before Skyfall? Pathetic, I know. I just happened to be not have the chance to watch it. As Skyfall ends, I could not help myself from falling in love with the man. Daniel Craig, you are the best Bond everrrr since Sean Connery! I've read somewhere that when the news broke that Mr.Craig is going to replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, the fans were skeptical. They were like "How could a blond be Bond?", since all previous Bonds have dark hair. I don't really like Pierce Brosnan as James Bond so I don't even care. To me, he just too handsome to be an assassin, it doesn't looked real. Daniel Craig in the other hand, is not that good looking but girl, he's definitely charismatic. The scene where he adjusting his cuff right after jumping into the moving tube? Yes, that's what I meant.
I always have a thing for British and Scottish actors, like Jude Law, Robert Pattinson, James McAvoy, Gerard Butler, and now Daniel Craig. I don't know, maybe because of the delicious accent? ^,^

Back to the movie, Skyfall is definitely one of the best Bond movies with one of the best villains. Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva was brilliant. He's scarily funny and wicked, no wonder he won an Oscar. I just don't get it why they killed one of the Bond girl too fast, shot in the head by Silva. I love Judi Dench as M, so I was a little upset that she died in the end. By the time I writing this, I finally get the chance to watch Casino Royale last Sunday on NTV7. Eventhough Skyfall are praised as the best Bond to date, after watching Casino Royale, I like the latter more. Why? Because there's Vesper Lynd and we get to see the soft side of Bond. Like Bond, it was just so sad I cried when Vesper died. T_T

"The name's Bond, James Bond". Picture from Rotten Tomatoes

Love to see Daniel Craig again. Skyfall one more time anyone?
As for now, excuse me, I'm enjoying Skyfall by Adele


4 Stars for Skyfall


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