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Life is NO Fairy Tale

 Cinderella, all-time fave fairy tale I used to believe in fairy tales and a happy ending. When I thought my life is nearly perfect at 24 (I got a better job, stayed with my BFF, had a great life plan, and got my first car), suddenly everything went sour. Yeah, life is not always beautiful... My parents separated (I refused to use the "D" word, coz it sounds too bad for me. Up until now only few closest friends know about it, and yes, I'm good at pretending like nothing happened). While my BFF who I adore so much had to leave for a position at polytechnic in our hometown. It was a terrible time for me and I cried most of the time when I'm alone. Though I was really sad for her that she had to give up her life here, I understand that we will not achieve real happiness without our parents' blessings. And that's what she did, putting the happiness of her parents first than her own. Deep inside I am so proud with her and I know, one