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Is it November already?

Believe it or not, I'm getting married in less than two months! OMG..i am totally freakin' out. There's a lot of things going on in my mind. I can't focus on work,half of 2012 is so not productive. Alhamdulillah, thank God i finally graduated my master degree last July or else I will be browsing wedding stuffs all over internet instead of doing my thesis! well, i actually did. The impact:I wrote my thesis in the course of 2 months. Only 2 months, crazyyy i know. But again, Alhamdulillah..i got 4.00 for my final semester.Syukran Ya Allah.

Great coursemates along the way, together in joy and tears


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Lagenda Budak Setan:The Movie

Lagenda Budak Setan I went to watch Lagenda Budak Setan with my housemate Kak Ina few weeks ago. Actually, I seldom watch Malay movie in cinema, but this is Lagenda Budak Setan, so I thought "why not?" We went straight away after work, extremely hungry but we didn't have much time to eat before the show. So we just grabbed some sushi at Jusco and sneak-in them into the hall *Shhh..*. Anyway, we noticed that most of the people in there were group of guys and there's just a few lovey-dovey couple. Well I guess most of them are the fan of the book who read it in their teenage years, especially the 90's generation. (I love guys who really read. Most guys nowadays just don't. How sad...) Deep inside I had high hope for this movie. The reason? Yeah, because I'm a huge fan of Ahadiat Akashah. Me and my big bro love his novels very much. Sadly most of the novels were already gone. Some people just don't feel guilty of not returning others' prop

4 Days to the Big Day!

I'm counting the date with a churning stomach lately. Super worried, super nervous! A LOT of things still to be done ='( Today is December 24 , just FOUR days before my solemnization in Pahang, but I'm still in the office working at 2.16 p.m., in Penang!!  Several colleagues gave me a confuse stares  "Wei, pergi balik la buat preparation. Boleh pulak wat relaks kat sini." "Aik, bila nak balik?" -__-   Haven't take my lunch, super hungry but no appetite at all. I don't know what to! My fiance? Happily enjoying the beginning of his holiday in Shah Alam. Happily, I think. (I emailed my previous master assignment for him to copy!)While I'm busy with the all the preparation things alone.  I asked him to buy the baju melayu for my younger brother today, hope he doesn't forget.   Yes, I do all the preps alone, am sOoo tired I think I gonna throw out. But thankfully my mum help to prepare the emcee's script and


People were ecstatic about 12.12.12. Yeah, a special date for tying the knot or getting a baby born so that you have a wonderful anniversary date, cool birthday, and for guys, an easier number to be remembered every year. And of course, we might not live for another centuries to meet this kind of date again (no, not might not, it's impossible!) To be honest, I don't even realized the so-called special date on wednesday. It comes to me when people were talking about it all over the radio, facebook, twitter and lunch break in campus. Guess all I'm thinking about was the 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. practical class, my annoyingly itching body-why of all the days, I get allergic reaction less than 3 weeks before my wedding :'( and my contract that expires the day after. Waiting for a formal contract renewal is such a pain. I submitted the renewal application 6 months ago but I just get the offer letter a week ago! Wish they don't hold my december salary, I need the money