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4 Days to the Big Day!

I'm counting the date with a churning stomach lately. Super worried, super nervous! A LOT of things still to be done ='(

Today is December 24, just FOUR days before my solemnization in Pahang, but I'm still in the office working at 2.16 p.m., in Penang!! 
Several colleagues gave me a confuse stares 
"Wei, pergi balik la buat preparation. Boleh pulak wat relaks kat sini."
"Aik, bila nak balik?"
Haven't take my lunch, super hungry but no appetite at all. I don't know what to! My fiance? Happily enjoying the beginning of his holiday in Shah Alam. Happily, I think. (I emailed my previous master assignment for him to copy!)While I'm busy with the all the preparation things alone.  I asked him to buy the baju melayu for my younger brother today, hope he doesn't forget.
Yes, I do all the preps alone, am sOoo tired I think I gonna throw out. But thankfully my mum help to prepare the emcee's script and keep updating me from time to time. She's so good with all the pantun so I told her she should take part time job as a scriptwriter. Or speech writer?? ^_^ I continue to do the thank you tag for my wedding favors at Proton Juru today while waiting my car to be serviced. I just do it to the extend I don't mind people watching. Even one pakcik so interested to what I'm doing. LOL. 
There's a lot of things to be done today, as I will be going back to Pahang tomorrow morning at 4.00 a.m. (hope I could wake up on time!) because I need to fetch my Fauzan in Shah Alam to do our wedding attire fitting in the afternoon in PAHANG, then he need to take the bus to go back to Shah Alam, and come back to Pahang a day later. Crazy I know! I need to send Milo the cat for boarding at BluePink Catshouse *I'm gonna miss my boy for a week T_T*, buy the fish food block (so that my pet fish could survive without daily food given), pack my things, load everything in the car, and oh, my SPA TREATMENT appointment at 4.30 p.m! Ok, gotta go now!

XOXO. The Bridezilla.

Four days for us to be united in holy matrimony


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